Bringing Congress Home

The original First Amendment — the first right in our original Bill of Rights — stipulates that U.S. congressional districts cannot have more than 50,000 people. Today, we should have about 6,400 small, local districts instead of the 435 huge, gerrymandered kingdoms today, with insanely expensive campaigns that only wealthy, connected politicians can win.

Back when it was still the First Amendment, it was ratified by 11 states: KY, MD, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VA and VT; so if you live in any of those states, your legislature already did its part 230 years ago when your state was conservative. Now, it needs to be ratified by 27 more states and it will become our 28th Amendment, breaking Congress down into small, local districts as the Founding Fathers designed the U.S. House to be. This will require that we also take them out of the most corrupt city on earth: Washington D.C., the place from which the Deep State and industry lobbyists run our lives, counterfeit our money, snoop into our privacy, and plan the world’s major wars.

We the People made clear in the Constitution: WE are the top level of government. So in demanding that our servants finally do their job after 228 years, we only need to have one citizen deliver our public proclamation at each capitol (in May, 2017 proclamations were delivered at the capitol in Austin, Sacramento and Topeka; more to come). If you would like to be the public presenter in your state, please contact us on our contact page.

On that day at your State Capitol, you read this proclamation as someone captures it on video, kicking off our first Tactical Civics™ action project in your state:

“We The People realize that Washington D.C. is organized crime. Congress violated the Constitution with its Apportionment Act of 1929. Huge, gerrymandered districts allow only the rich to run for the U.S. House, where they are controlled by billionaires and industry.

Conservative and liberal, Christian and atheist, Black, White, Asian and Hispanic, wealthy, middle class and minimum-wage, veteran and anti-war — We The People will now exert our authority as America’s sovereigns to enforce the Constitution. Our first historic action is to take Congress out of D.C. forever.

The first step in that action is for our state legislature to immediately vote to ratify the original First Amendment, which will become the 28th Amendment. We have sent you a model joint resolution and a fact sheet explaining the history of the amendment. Stipulating that no district can exceed 50,000 it was the first right in our original Bill of Rights that Congress passed in 1789, so Congress cannot reverse itself.

This major step to end D.C. corruption is up to the state legislatures now. You work for us. This is not a request; it is a demand. Eleven state legislatures have already ratified; ours has not. Now you will.”

Try to grasp this tactical action because it’s the key to everything else.

Our 22 reform laws are a long-term action agenda; We The People will take back all that we have lost to D.C. organized crime over 150 years. The Trump administration cannot do any of these reforms; the President is hobbled and attacked daily by the D.C. Deep State and its lapdog media. But We The People can do these things! Of our 22 reform laws, the first is our proposed Bring Congress Home Act (BCHA). It is a much stronger version of HR287 proposed in 2013 by Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and Steve Pearce (R-NM): bring Congress home to work from their district offices via telepresence. This plug-and-play technology is in use by almost 40% of corporate America; why not by our servants in Congress, so we, their boss, can keep an eye on them in their own hometowns?

Congress now spends $5.85 billion per year on their operations; more than $11 million per member each year for their opulent lifestyles, imperial palace, and massive staffs in D.C. and district offices back home. Some of them have up to eight offices and staffs! If you think 6,400 congressmen is too many, please realize that we 320 million Americans have 7,383 state legislators today.

Breaking up Congress into small districts will force them to move out of D.C. forever. The BCHA stipulates that all members of Congress will:

  • Work full-time back home, in one office each
  • Have a paid staff of two for a congressman, six for a senator
  • Be limited to two terms
  • Receive half their present salary (congressmen only, whose districts will be 1/14 as large as today)
  • Receive no benefits (pensions will end retroactively; how preposterous that they still pay themselves from taxpayers’ accounts for their lifetime, after they are fired!)

We need citizen-statesmen, not careerist politicians! What employer allows employees to set their own salary, support staff, benefits, and office arrangements…and keep paying themselves even after they are kicked out of their job!!? We the sovereigns will now make the rules for our servants.

Welcome to the future. This is a businesslike approach that President Trump should love.

After the 28th Amendment is ratified, the transition from the corrupt, self-dealing House of Representatives to the huge new freshman class of the People’s House as designed by the Founding Fathers, will be simple: our first ‘big’ Congress will meet in D.C. on January 3, 2021 for one action only…to pass the BCHA. Then President Trump signs it, and they return home to the leased office back home in their district.

The BCHA will specify a standard workstation for each statesman’s telepresence system. An additional desktop system in each House member’s office will be for citizen use when we testify before congressional committees. We the People should not have to waste our valuable time and money traveling to D.C. when we want to testify before our servants!

The most powerful independent city-state on earth, Washington, D.C. will see significant collapse (think Detroit, Cincinnati, or Cleveland) as America moves into the 21st century, with tens of millions of productive American families and small businesses experiencing liberty that we have not seen in six generations! Trump was only Step One…welcome to America’s future.